• Know what we do.
    With more than 15 years of presence in the market,
    specialized in the area of technology, service and client support.

About Us

We are a company specialist in the area of technology, service and customer support with more than 15 years in the market.

Our aim is to satisfy all the needs of our clients in the vast world of technology. We are suppliers of certified solutions of the best brands of computer equipment and technology of the market and the Integrated System for the Administration ClearLight.

We have everything you need to automate your business.

Between our services we can include:

  • Implementation of administrative software, point of sales, accounting and payroll.
  • Installation and configuration of software and hardware.
  • Technical support in software and hardware.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Registration and transfer of domains.
  • Design, development and management of pages, portals and web applications.
  • Design, installation and configuration of networks.
  • Sale of equipment, supplies and accessories.

Hosting Division

We have a business division that offers hosting solutions for 10 years now. Applying the same standards of quality and excellence in services that have characterized us, we have a team of highly trained professionals, in constant development, our purpose of providing Internet services, web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, domain registration, email marketing, web design and development, especially geared to small and medium enterprises as well as the general public and to all areas of business, that they require to be present on the Internet, in a simple way, with a fair price and safety standards.

We are backed by companies affiliated to our firm to offer to our clients the best price possible and the best quality.


Our servers are located in Data Centers in United States and Argentina, with all the technology to provide the best service.

The infrastructure is based on a World Class quality, we have all critical services (cooling, power, connectivity) redundantly, providing high availability of services.

Brands such as Intel, AMD, Dell, HP, Cisco, 3Com, Juniper, Emerson Liebert, etc. are part of our equipment and this is added a technical staff highly trained to provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.