• The best marketing solution by e-mail.
    Create and send e-mails with professional quality,
    in a simple way and just in minutes.

  • Increase sales and build loyalty with your clients.
    Still not doing Email Marketing? Find out why you should do it.

  • Get complete reports real time.
    Find out exactly who read, clicked
    and shared your campaigns.
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Create professional e-mails

  • Powerful DRAG&DROP editor

    Drag and drop text, images, columns, buttons and other components to get an e-mail of professional quality without touching a single line of HTML code.

    Be sure to try it. You will be surprised by how simple it is.

  • More than 250 predesigned templates

    Take the most colorful designs that we offer you to build your promotional e-mails or newsletters in minutes.

    Templates have been designed by professionals applying the best practices so your e-mails can look spectacular.

  • Simple customization

    Thanks to our Custom Labels you will achieve a closer relation with your subscribers by calling them by their names and showing them how much you know them.

    Use the information of your contacts in the subject or body of the e-mail. You simply add the label when creating the campaing and we make sure each e-mail will be unique.

  • Edit in Expert Mode

    Would you rather program than drag and drop? Do you know tricks to laying out e-mails? Are you crazy about HTML and CSS? Perfect...! We also and so we created for you a powerful HTML editor.

    Use it to program your pieces from scratch or simply modify them to correct last details.

  • Attachments

    Attach images and documents to your campaigns in a very simple way. Subscribers will get them as links to download and they will avoid having issues generated by large e-mails. Storage is included for free in your account.

  • E-mails in text format

    Sending e-mail in both formats (HTML and text) is a good practice to lower the chances of getting your campaign classified as SPAM. EnvialoSimple automatically creates a version of your e-mail in plain text from the HTML content.

  • Extremely quick newsletters

    Creating a newsletter with the latest posts on your blog will be as easy as: drag and drop a component, enter your blog URL, choose posts you want to include and ready.

Manage your contacts

  • Import contacts

    Import your contacts from a .CSV file or directly from your Yahoo or Gmail account. You can also create new lists based on how subscribers behave in the different campaigns you send.

    Say goodbye to invalid and duplicate e-mails. EnvialoSimple will automatically cross them out during the import process.

  • Expand your range

    In just minutes and with few clicks, you will be able to create subscription forms and publish them on your website or Facebook page. This will help you increase your contact base a lot.

    You do not need to program anything and in a simple and intuitive way, you can adapt the colours and the form design to your needs.

  • Segment lists

    Reach your target audience with the accuracy of a laser. Create segments applying different search criteria and send campaigns to specific groups of contacts.

    With the segmentation feature, you can do things like inviting subscribers from a specific city to an event, giving a coupon to those who open your e-mails more frequently, or even segmenting your contacts by date of subscription and send them a welcome e-mail.

  • Optimize lists

    Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by optimizing contact lists from a simple and intuitive interface.

    This feature will facilitate the task of copy, move or delete contacts, exporting them to a .CSV file and creating new lists based on filtering rules.

    It is also possible to purge the lists by deleting automatically the e-mails with bounces of type "hard" or those with a certain amount of bounces of type "soft".

  • Custom fields

    Take advantage of the Custom Fields to save additional information of your contacts such as name, last name, country, profession and anything else that comes to your mind. Then, use this data to customize your campaigns and segment your lists.

  • Excluding Contacts

    Avoid add an unwanted contact to your lists by blocking the subscription of a certain e-mail address or domain.

  • Mass unsubscription

    This feature will help you save time when need unsubscribing or deleting a considerable amount of contacts.

Send your campaign

  • In time and form

    The most advanced technological infrastructure at your disposal to guarantee that regardless of the amount, your e-mails will arrive to the inbox of recipients with an amazing speed that will exceed your expectations.

    12 years of experience and over 20 million e-mails sent daily endorse us.

  • As you want it

    Take advantage of all the power of our platform and still use your favourite tools.

    Create your e-mail from your favorite e-mail client (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, AppleMail, etc) and send it to your lists through EnvialoSimple.

  • When you want it

    You decide when to send your campaigns. Send them instantly or schedule the specific day, hour and minute you wish to send them.

    The view in Calendar Mode will be of great help to see campaigns already sent and schedule new ones with just one click.

  • Expand your range

    Take advantage of the power of social networking tools to widen the range of your Email Marketing campaigns. Share them in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin with just one click and with the same simplicity, add to your e-mails the social buttons so your subscribers can share content with their friends, colleagues, relatives or followers.

  • Campaign Preview

    Get a preview of your campaigns during the creation or before you send them. You will be able to view it through a browser or you can send a sample to the e-mail address you want.

  • Resend campaigns

    Have your campaigns generated better results than you expected and want to resend them with a few changes or to another lists?

  • Public file of campaigns

    Have you invested time and effort generating the content of your e-mail and looks great? Then, take advantage of this by adding the Public file of campaigns and publishing a link on your site so your visitors can enjoy it and browsers can index it.

Measure the impact

  • Get complete reports real time.

    With EnvialoSimple, you will be able to find out who, when and where your e-mails were opened. You will also know what links or buttons were clicked and what subscribers shared it. Everything you need instantly and with great deal of details.

    The information will be the key to optimize your future campaigns and achieve better results every time.

  • Always with you

    On your way home in a taxi? At a bar with friends? Having a good time at the park? With EnvialoSimple´s mobile version, you can check your campaign metrics anytime, anywhere.

  • Heat Map

    Find out what are the most interesting contents for readers, what colours work better and what actions are more effective. The click MAP provides you with valuable information to increase e-mail effectiveness.

  • Geolocalized statistics

    Find out when and where in the world your subscribers open your campaigns. Spot them and improve your range by optimizing your lists based on their geographical location.

  • Integration with Google Analytics®

    EnvialoSimple is automatically integrated to one of the most popular statistics tools for websites, allowing you to know more about the activities your subscribers do on the website after they have clicked on your e-mails.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Beyond openings and clicks, you will get detailed and valuable information on the results of your campaigns and the activity of your subscribers.

    Some of the data you will have for optimize your Email Marketing include forwarding, location, e-mail client, date, time, bounced e-mails, subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

  • Share reports

    If you need to show your boss, client or co-worker the results of a campaign, you will be able to share the reports in a simple way and with no need of providing them with access to your account.

    In case of an agency or if you offer Email Marketing services to your clients, you can share reports with your own brand.

  • Bounced e-mail statistics

    Find out real time which e-mails bounce and why. Manage bounced e-mails and optimize your list automatically by purging those with issues.

  • Activity of your subscribers

    Get a history with the activity of each one of your subscribers through the different campaigns previously sent. You will be able to check bounced, opened, resent e-mails and clicks among other details.

  • Data export

    EnvialoSimple allows you to export to an excel file all the statistics of each e-mail sent, so you can use it later on your CRM or create your own reports.

Why use

  • Why use Email Marketing?

    Among the different strategies of online marketing, Email Marketing is one of the most effective in terms of ROI.

  • Generating qualified traffic to your site.

    Even though the content you post on your site or social network may be of interest to your contacts, most of them do not visit your site regularly.

    With email marketing is very simple to inform or remind them that you have interesting things to offer and achieve and so that visit your site to take advantage of promotions, receive invitations, find out about new products, etc.

  • Increased sales and conversions in general.

    Whatever your goal: sell more, inform your users, acquire prospects, complete the quota of an event, promote a video, etc., email marketing is one of the most effective tools to achieve results.


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